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3 in 1 Charging USB Cable (For iPhone and Android)

  • $24.95
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New Technology

2 lightning connectors(IOS devices) and 1 micro connector(Android) together in one USB cable. This breakthrough technology makes charging all devices easy. You can now charge your iPhones together with other Android devices. It is a hit all around the world.

Hyper Speed Charging

2A current makes charging faster than ordinary cables. Get up to 40% faster speed in charging your devices.

Beautiful and Quality Design

Comes in three beautiful colors for your choice. Aluminium alloy housing is used for the cable making it look chic and slick. 

Good Length!

4 ft. in length, the 3 in 1 charging cable ensures enough length for charging 3 devices at once.

Join the revolution!

*This is works for all IOS devices (iPhones,iPads) and Android devices.