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3D Sleeping Mask

  • $19.95

Ergonomic Design 3D Sleeping Eye Mask
Sick of eye masks that don't block light completely? Most eye masks fail to block light especially around the nose. This is due to the curvature of our noses. With this 3D Sleeping Eye Mask, the nose area is shaped specially to follow the shape of your nose.

The 3D design allows free movement of the eyes and a comfort fit, unlike inferior eye masks that come into contact with your eyes. The 3D Sleeping Mask doesn't irritate eyes and is hygienic due to the 3D design creating space between the eye mask and your eye.

Fully adjustable elasticated strap for a perfect fit. Great for travelling, sleeping at airports, on planes, etc. Keep the light out of your eyes when you need to get that proper rest.

Material: Polyester, Sponge
Mask Size: approx. 22cm*8cm / 8.6" x 3.1"

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Note - Due to the heavy demand, please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery