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Anti Drop Car Mat

  • $19.95

Smart Invention!

You can now place things on your car dashboard without it slipping! Imagine the amount of extra stuff your car can carry. This might not be the greatest invention you will see, but it just makes so much sense!

Put your cellphone on the mat and it will not slip! You can even put coins, your wallet or any other thing small items. 

The Anti Drop Car Mat comes in a bundle of 4 and 8. Please select your preferred option. Save $10 when you select the Pack of 8.


Material: Silica Gel
Size: 140 * 80 mm ( 0.6 * 0.3 inches)

Due to the heavy demand, please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery (and we knocked off another 15% of the order to make up for the wait time). 

Limited Time Only

This item is NOT available in stores.