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Naked Fit - Anti Slip Adhesive Feet Pad

  • $12.99

Grab your Discounted Naked Fit - Anti Slip Adhesive Feet Pad while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 1000 unit sales we will be increasing the price back up to $19.99 USD.

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We invented Naked Fit to keep your feet effectively protected and at the same time support all of the amazing things it can already do. Naked Fit is designed in Switzerland and is produced without harming people, animals or the environment (vegan and barefoot friendly).

ROCKS - Anti-slip and resistant, for every soil.
SAND - Walk on hot sand (surface) without thinking (thoughts).
WATERPROOF - Naked Foot Fit saves the feet of your children from warts/verrucas and dangerous slips.

How long does it last?

Depends on the use, if not used in water it can last longer than 24 hours.

Does Naked Fit work in water?
Yes. Naked Fit is waterproof. However, if you stay in water for too long, the adhesive may lose part of its adhesion. In particular, if the insole stay in contact with liquids at high temperatures (eg: too hot thermal water).


S: 220 * 110mm
M: 280 * 110mm
L: 300 * 110mm

Bundle Discount:
Pair of 5 - $39.99 (Save 30%)
Pair of 10 - $69.99 (Save 40%)
Pair of 20 - $119.99 (Save 50%) - Best Deal!

Note - Due to the heavy demand, please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery