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Car Suction Anchor

  • $34.95

Travelling? Or going out in an adventure? This Car Suction Anchors will solve your problem in carrying those extra stuff you can't load in your car trunk.

The Car Suction Anchors is an easy to use suction pads that secures your personal items even loaded outside your car trunk. It is easy to utilize; just press, push, and lock for a quick installation. What more, is that every anchor can hold up to 50lbs of item weight. It can hold your bicycle, furniture, and other stuff that can't fit in your car's interior and trunk.

It has a durable and longer-lasting suction pads that makes sure it stays in its place and holds everything you place in it. The suction pads leaves no scratches and marks when you remove it. Keeps your car damage-free!

A perfect solution for a constant travelers, campers, and adventurers. Get yours now!

      Material: ABS
      Dimension: 9.6 x5.5 x2.2 inches

      Bundle Discount:
      Pack of 2 - $55.95(Save 20%)
      Pack of 3 - $73.95(Save 30%) - Best Deal!

      Note - Due to the heavy demand, please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery