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Hanging Door Sensor

  • $29.99

It's better to be safe than sorry especially when it comes to home security. Designed for people that feel insecure about the lack of security & privacy, the Hanging Door Sensor is truly a lifesaver for those that needs a peace of mind at home.

While excellent to be used at your rooms at home, this gadget is also recommended for travelers that is hesitant about the lack of security in their hotel rooms unlike their homes.

Parents could also use this as an alarm tool in case their kids wander off into rooms that is off-limits for them, the possibility is definitely limitless with this device!

No assembly required! Just hang it at the door knob and place the clip at any door or window gap. If any vibration or movement is detected, the 100dB alarm will go off!

Material: ABS Plastic and Metal
Dimensions: .5"x2.7"x1.25"

Bundle Discount:
Pack of 2 - $24.99(Save 20%)
Pack of 3 - $59.99(Save 30%) - Best Deal

Note - Due to the heavy demand, please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery