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Survival Baton Flashlight

  • $69.95

Military Grade Survival Baton Flashlight

During emergencies and in danger, communication is one of the top priorities. When you're in self-protection mode, even the sight of this baton will help scare attackers away, but when danger strikes you have a way to strike back and then call for help. When time is of the essence, make sure you get noticed with the signal light flashlight.

This flashlight is rechargeable and includes a Lithium-Ion battery that comes with its own charging cradle plus car charger that plugs directly into the flashlight. It's a convertible weapon and life-saver. With five light settings, you have a flashlight that delivers when time is of the essence, when battery life is a priority, and when self-defense or emergency signaling is absolutely necessary.

In short, a must have.


  • Super-bright CREE LED illumination up to 300 meters away (about 1/3 mile)
  • Solid aluminum build for dependable self defense plus a spiked mace design near the tip
  • Superbright illumination with 100,000-hour lifespan
  • Twist zoom for adjusting focus intensity
  • Glass breaker at the end can be used to break a window during an emergency
  • 5 modes with button switch: Use 100% brightness, 70% brightness, 30% brightness, SOS or flashing strobe
  • Functional as a self defense option for buying time to get away from attacker
  • Just shine the bright setting or flash strobe in attacker's face to temporarily blind them
  • Helps make sure your way home or to your car is lit up safely with a generous radius
  • Included car charger lets you bring it wherever you go without worrying about the battery
  • Great self-defense alternative where stun guns are prohibited
  • Military grade aluminum housing protects flashlight
  • 4-hour continuous-use battery life
  • IP44 water-resistant-- great to use in the rain, especially during emergencies


Material: Aviation aluminum alloy
Size: 14.5" x 18.3" / 37 x 46.5cm
Weight: 0.88 lbs / 400g

Package Includes

  • 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Home charger
  • Car charger
  • Battery adapter
  • Instructions

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